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Meet Dr Salena- Principle Counselling Psychologist

Hi and welcome! My name is Dr Salena Bhanji, and I'm a Counselling Psychologist with a true passion for therapy and almost two decade’s worth of clinical and therapeutic experience in both Australia and the UK.

I work with Adults and older Adolescents (15+) and provide a wide range of short-term, medium-term and long-term psychotherapies.

Having worked in the addictions field for several years, my focus started shifting into the field of disordered eating, as these issues commonly overlap. My expertise now lies in providing treatment for people who struggle with various forms of disordered eating, eating disorders and/or body image issues. Treatment for eating disorders frequently involves close working with a GP, Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and often a Psychiatrist.

From my experience of sitting in both chairs, engaging in therapy really can be one of the most rewarding, insightful and life changing experiences. Whether a person is grappling with anxiety, trauma, an eating disorder, or any other difficult experience, when they sit in therapy seeking understanding or strategies to cope, there's the potential for a deeply transformative process to unfold.

This transformative process tends to rely heavily on the nature of the therapeutic relationship; one that is built on acceptance, compassion and authentic connection. Building this therapeutic relationship has become a crucial foundation of my practice, and with this, a sound reliance on blending together different therapies that have been proven to be effective, to meet the unique needs of every individual, as diverse as they may be.

There is also a strong focus on making therapy an active process, so that there is a sense of accomplishment at the end of each session when new skills are learnt and can be put into action. To achieve this, there is a lot of time spent on clarifying clients' goals and developing a clear roadmap of ‘what is actually going on here?’ , 'how did we get here?' and ‘what can we do about it?’, with an underpinning in psychological science and neuropsychology. Often when people understand the role that the brain plays in their problems, they can let go of the self-blame or self- defeating narratives that continue to erode their mental health.

Mental health issues are so much more than just diagnoses, or medications or unhelpful coping behaviours; mental health is shaped by a complex interaction of psychological, biological and socio-cultural factors that affect each person uniquely, based on their particular life experiences, beliefs and meaning-making processes. Change and recovery can come from exploring these factors safely in therapy and learning more adaptive ways of responding to difficult inner experiences and external stressors.

Hopefully I've provided some insight into who I am as a therapist and my therapy approach. If you're thinking of booking an appointment for yourself or for your child, but would like to ask me a few questions first, you're more than welcome to send me an email below or give me a call, and I'll be in touch as soon as I can.


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